Sex and Relationship Education

The planned delivery of sex education at Hans Price will take place through two curricular areas: Science and SPACE. These two areas will complement each other, SPACE drawing upon and encouraging personal reflection upon the implications of the factual understanding gained in Science.

The Science Curicculum and Sex Education

In accordance with the new national curriculum orders published in 2013, at:

Key stage 3, Students will be taught:


  • About the physical and emotional changes that take place during adolescence
  • Reproduction in humans (as an example of a mammal), including the structure and function of the male and female reproductive systems, menstrual cycle (without details of hormones), gametes, fertilisation, gestation and birth, to include the effect of maternal lifestyle on the foetus through the placenta.



  • The effects of recreational drugs (including substance misuse) on behaviour, health and life processes.
  • That bacteria and viruses effect health.
  • That the bodys natural defences may be enhanced by immunisation and medicines.
At Key Stage 4, Students will be taught:


  • The way in which hormonal control occur, including the effects of insulin and sex hormones.
  • Some medical uses of hormones, including the control and promotion of fertility and the treatment of diabetes


  • The defence mechanisms of the body, including the role of the skin and blood.
  • The effects of solvents, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on body functions.
Organisation of Academy Sex Education

Detailed planning and delivery of the SPACE programme will fall to the SPACE Co-ordinator and staff who deliver the programme. Detailed planning and delivery of the Science programme is the responsibility of the Head of Science Faculty.

Curriculum Entitlement

All Students are entitled to sex education and the programme will be planned and delivered with regard to the needs of every student, ensuring equality of access and opportunity for all. Both the Science curriculum and the SPACE programme are compulsary for all students in years 7 to 11, thus ensuring common experience and entitlement for all.