What will your child learn in PE in year 8?

Students will participate in two activities per week.

  • The activities will change on a termly basis
  • Boys will cover: Rugby, fitness, basketball, football, gymnastics, tennis, cricket, athletics, team building and softball.
  • Girls will cover: Netball, fitness, tag rugby, gymnastics, trampolining, hockey, football, Tennis, Rounders, Cricket, athletics and orienteering


How will your child be assessed in PE?
  • Students will receive a start, middle and end grade for each sport.
  • The students will also receive an overall current grade.


How can you help your child?
  • Ensure that they always have their correct kit
  • Ensure that when they are ill/injured, they bring in a note and also their full kit.
  • Ask your child about the sports they are participating in and encourage them to talk about tactics and skills.
  • Encourage your child to attend extra-curricular sporting clubs and activities.
  • Encourage your child to be physically active outside of school hours.


How will Independent Study be organised?
  • Independent Study will be set every two weeks and students will usually have a week to complete the set task.
  • All IS will be accessible via Edmodo the school’s homework site.
  • Independent Study will be focused on the topic they will be studying that term and will help them to practise vital skills needed to progress in reading and writing.
  • Students will be expected to read for pleasure at home and will complete book reviews and presentations on what they have read throughout the year.