What will your child learn in computing in year 9?
  • Run your own business: This business themed topic allows students to combine software to produce solutions for their own business idea.
  • Programming: Students will get to make a program based on a given scenario.
  • Creative media project: This summer project focuses how creative media software can be used to promote Weston Super Mare as a top tourist attraction. They will learn how they can use and combine media packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and movie editing software to produce persuasive materials for holiday makers.
How will your child be assessed in computing?
  • Mark work on Real Smart using the school’s feedback policy (WWW and EBI).
  • Link feedback to levelling criteria and use questioning in feedback where appropriate.
  • Record levels on the department Google spreadsheet and use the calculated   level in ATL reports.
  • Using the ICT and computing learning ladder.


How can you help your child?
  • Have a go at programming at home using Python and also use code avengers.
  • Can you collect your favourite logos and slogans and have a conversation with students about why you like them.
  • Do you have access to business documents so that you can show them why and how they are professional?
  • Use online “typing tutor” games will help students become more efficient with their keyboard skills.
How will Independent Study be organised?
  • Use Edmodo to post Independent study tasks.
  • Independent study can be posted online or in person.
  • Independent study is graded for effort.
  • Students can review progress using shared drive tracker documents.