What will your child learn in Maths in year 9?

Term 1 – Factors & Multiples, Angles, Scale drawings & Bearings, Algebra.
Term 2 – Coordinates & Line graphs, Decimals, Rounding, Collecting & Representing data
Term 3 – Percentages, Perimeter & Area, Sequences, Real Life graphs
Term 4 – Circumference & Area of a circle, Ratio & Proportion, Equations
Term 5 – Scatter graphs, Standard Form, Probability
Term 6 –Transformations, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Constructions & Loci, 2D representations of 3D solids


How will your child be assessed in Maths?
  • There will be an assessment at the end of each of unit.
  • At the end of each term students will be given a past exam paper to assess their current grade.
  • Revision of the topics studied each term and practising the key skills will help students achieve good results.
How can you help your child?
  • Use opportunities to use Maths at home – eg money, bills, games.
  • Ask your child to explain what they have learnt in their Maths lessons.
  • Support your child when they are completing Independent Study ensuring it has been completed to the best of their ability.
  • Encourage your child to ask for help in school if they need it.
  • Show them your methods for completing calculations.
  • Use www.mymaths.co.uk for online help on topics.
  • Help them prepare for the termly assessments by going back over topics in their books and practising the skills.


How will Independent Study be organised?
  • Independent Study will be set each week and should take about 30 minutes.  It will provide valuable practice of the key skills
  • It may be set on Mymaths or it may be a work sheet.
  • The IS will be recorded on Edmodo and can be accessed on Edmodo.
  • Students will receive feedback on their IS.
  • If your child finds the IS is too difficult they should seek help from their Maths teacher.
  • Feel free to help your child to understand and solve a problem if necessary.