Subjects available to study at KS4
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science (core and additional)
  • Core PE
  • Guided options
Block A
GCSE ComputingGCSE HistoryGCSE GeographyGCSE French
Block B
GCSE ComputingGCSE HistoryGCSE GeographyGCSE Spanish
Block 3 S1
GCSE ArtGCSE DramaBTEC Health and Social CareBTEC Music
Block 3 S2
BTEC SportGCSE ArtGCSE Geography
Block 3 S3
GCSE Product DesignBTEC DanceGCSE CateringGCSE Business
Block B (ebac block)
GCSE HistoryGCSE GeographyGCSE ComputingGCSE Spanish
Block Q
BTEC SportGCSE ArtGCSE CateringBTEC Health and Social Care
Block R
GCSE ArtGCSE Product DesignGCSE DramaBTEC SportGCSE Computing
Block S
GCSE CateringBTEC MusicBTEC DanceGCSE GeographyGCSE FrenchGCSE Leisure and Tourism
Block Q
GCSE GeographyGCSE HistoryGCSE Computing
Block R
GCSE ArtGCSE CateringGCSE Health and Social CareBTEC SportGCSE PhotographyICT
Block S
GCSE DramaGCSE Product DesignGCSE FrenchGCSE PhotographyBTEC SportICT
Block T
GCSE CateringGCSE HistoryBTEC DanceGCSE Leisure and TourismGCSE PhotographyICT

For more information on guided options including FAQs and more detailed subject information, please see the ‘Guided Options Booklet’ below.