Sustainable Mind, Soul and Body

This area looks to develop a healthy mind and body, ready enjoy all life has to offer, but also to cope effectively with its difficulties.

Sports Specialism

Our Faculty that is responsible for sport and physical education is called ‘Learning through Health, Fitness and Personal Development’. This recognises that we view our specialism in sport as not only being about excellence, but in developing an enjoyment of sport and physical activity and an understanding of the benefits of physical exercise that will encourage young people to continue taking part in physical exercise throughout their lives.
Our sports facilities include a sports hall with a climbing-wall,a fitness studio, a gymnasium and a purpose built dance studio.

Personal and Social Development

All students participate in a full programme of personal and social development, during Learning Family time. This includes Health, Drugs and Sex Education as well as careers education and guidance and Citizenship (see separate information leaflets).
We also place great importance on raising aspirations, and part of the personal and social development programme focuses on this. It is also a core feature of the way we interact with and teach students.

Healthy Living

In addition to the health education programme mentioned above, we ensure that a selection of healthy meals is provided each day. As we move into our new building you will be able to monitor on-line what your child eats, and rewards for those eating the most balanced diet will be given.
At the time of writing we are applying for Healthy School Status, a nationally recognised certificate for schools achieving specific standards in relation to the promotion of healthy life styles


There are a large variety of clubs after lessons on most days of the week. In addition to this we run an enrichment programme on Thursdays which offers students the opportunity to take part in activities which may not normally take place in schools; anything from circus skills, to story telling, Bridge to ukulele playing.
The Academy also holds Christmas and Summer concerts featuring, music dance and drama performed by our students.

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