Sustainable Relationships and Partnerships

This area focuses on the raising awareness of the benefits of developing and sustaining healthy relationships and fostering effective partnerships.

Developing the Whole Child

We recognise that students are young people who are still developing, and we accept that they will make mistakes, errors of judgment, and still need to develop emotionally on their journey to adulthood.   Working in partnership with parents, it is our responsibility as educators to acknowledge this developmental need and to progress, where possible, their ability to foster positive relationships and partnerships with others not only in school, but also throughout their lives.

Pastoral Support

Students are organised into Learning Families (Tutor Groups), which we aim to keep below twenty students per group.   Students meet every day in these groups.   (On a Monday and Tuesday they meet for fifty minutes, Wednesday for thirty five minutes and Thursday and Friday for ten minutes).

We also employ thirteen Learning Mentors who support the learning and pastoral needs of the students.   Five of these Mentors also act as full-time Heads of Year (Year Achievement Co-ordinators).

Conflict resolution

Applying only sanctions to students in instances where conflict arises is, more often than not, ineffective.   Students either repeat offend, or in the case of the victim, can become victimised again.   It is vital therefore that the offending student understands the consequences of their behaviour.   We use restorative justice throughout the school (with students and students, students and staff and even amongst staff if necessary).   This is a very successful programme used by the police, which has proved to have very positive results.
We also avoid exclusion at all costs.   Exclusion only serves to alienate the student from our community and makes integration very difficult.   We believe in a caring approach that educates the student in relation to a misdemeanour.   Rather than exclusion we hold after school workshops (e.g. anger management), which educates, rather than sanctions, the student.

Engaging students

In Years 10 and 11 we have ‘Student Leaders’ who are responsible for leading and area of the school under the four areas of sustainability.   Working with the Student Leaders we aim to give every student a responsibility under one of these headings, fully involving them in the development of the Academy.
We also have a student Council that has representation at Senior Leadership Meetings, on the Academy Council and Federation student Parliament.

Engaging parents

As a first port of call, we encourage parents to keep in close contact with their child’s Tutor especially if they have any concerns.
We keep in regular contact through news-letters and our student reports.   In addition to this we have a parent forum, which meets every term (six times per year).  This is an opportunity for parents to give us feedback on how we are performing as an Academy and suggestions for improvement.

We also hold regular information evenings, where specific aspects of the Academy are explained, with an opportunity for questions.   Parents are also represented on the Academy Council.

External partnerships

We are members of the Cabot Learning Federation which includes four other Academies.   This provides an opportunity for sharing good practice and resources.   We also benefit from economies of scale in relation to some of the services we provide.
We have close links with all the local primary schools and Weston College, to ensure there is continuity and progression at each stage in your child’s education.   We also deliver some of the A level provision for Weston College.   Some of our students have the opportunity to attend courses at Weston College from the age of fourteen.
As an Academy we are independent from the Local Authority, but nevertheless we still work closely with them, buy into some of their services and share practice with all the other North Somerset schools and Academies.

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