Sustainable Resources and Environment

This area focuses on developing an awareness of the importance of caring for and making the most of the resources we have and the environments in which we live.

Facilities and the New Build

Although we will be moving into a new building (September 2013), the current buildings are still in good condition and contain many excellent features, such as a purpose built dance studio, a drama studio and well equipped science labs with state of the art technology. Every student is also given access to one of the lockers which are situated throughout the Academy.
The Academy is located on an extensive site with several football/rugby pitches, tennis courts and an all weather pitch. There are also well maintained gardens and water features. Our students look after the school and treat it as if it belongs to them. This is evident to visitors to the Academy.
The new build, to which the students and wider community have contributed ideas, will incorporate many environmentally friendly and energy saving features. Our aim is to create a building which will have sustainability as a central theme.
Our sports facilities include a sports hall with a climbing-wall,a fitness studio, a gymnasium and a purpose built dance studio.

Information and Communication Technology

The Academy is ICT rich with five dedicated ICT classrooms and several class sets of laptops. We are currently looking at ways we can allow students to bring their own devices into the Academy to use in class where appropriate. Our wireless network will help to facilitate this.
When we move into the new building we will also have the facility to become a cashless school, with students or parents adding money to an electronic card via pay points or credit or debit card. This electronic card will also have the ability to act as a library card, a key to open a locker or to gain entrance to the building.
Parents will be able to monitor their child’s progress, behaviour and attendance online as we progress into the first year of the Academy.
One of the major concerns parents have in the 21st century is ensuring that their child is using ICT appropriately and safely. We see it as a major role for schools today to address this issue. We encourage students to use ICT when it is appropriate, but not exclusively. We also have excellent monitoring software which can pickup on inappropriate use.
We also place great importance on raising aspirations, and part of the personal and social development programme focuses on this. It is also a core feature of the way we interact with and teach students.

The Garden

It is worth mentioning our student garden. Although small at the moment, with one greenhouse, the gardening club grows a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers and keeps some small animals. Our intention is to expand the garden into an allotment and small farm, once the site has been planned for the new building. This is an exciting venture for us and will encourage students to consider the value of looking after the environment.


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